9 Netflix Shows And Movies That Remind You Being Single Rocks!

9 Netflix Shows And Movies That Remind You Being Single Rocks!
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Being single can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you look at it. Why not revel in the fact that you have no one to tie you down and can do whatever you want! Still not convinced? Watch any of these movies or shows and you'll reminded why being single rocks!

1. Grace And Frankie

One of Netflix's biggest hits is about two single women who are older and not exactly single by choice. Their husbands fall in love and reveal that they are gay. Now these women are retired and figuring out how to be single after years of marriage, but they can do it!

2. Tracks

Women going on journeys to discover themselves isn't something new. In Eat, Pray, Love Julia Roberts takes a trip around the world to find out who she is after her divorce. In Wild Reese Witherspoon hikes the Pacific Crest Trail for a solo journey of 1,100 miles after she loses the most important people in her life. In Tracks a woman named Robyn treks 1,700 miles across Australia and accomplishes her journey. You'll have to have some patience with these movies but they're ultimately about being at peace when you have no one.

3. Under The Tuscan Sun

When Diane Lane is in a movie (Nights in Rodanthe and Must Love Dogs) you know it's a movie about a woman who is learning to be single. With beautiful sights of the Italian countryside Under the Tuscan Sun is about her move to Italy after she impulsively purchases a home when she gets divorced. 

4. Mona Lisa Smile

This is probably one of the best movies to watch when you need a boost for being single, a woman, and a feminist! Julia Roberts slays as the professor in an all girls college teaching the young women to stand up for themselves and fight for what they want while being challenged by those who follow tradition. Many of the girls don't want to follow the traditional path and it'll remind you of how much you have going for you.

5. Girlfriends Guide To Divorce

Women cope in different ways after becoming single, especially after a breakup as intense as a divorce.

6. New Girl

This hilarious and cute show is about being single a majority of the time or why dating is so hard. It'll make you appreciate being single because the world is just filled with a bunch of weirdos.

7. Friends With Benefits

Based on the movie Friends with Benefits, this comedy follows a bunch of singles who decide to they want the sex without the commitment. It teaches you that while you're waiting for the right guy to come along you can still enjoy yourself.

8. Crossroads

In Britney's movie debut, Crossroads tells the story of  a girl and her friends finding their way as they searched for their dreams. Along the way became closer than they could imagine and it'll make you appreciate your girls anytime you don't have someone on your arm.

9. Friends

Friends is kind of what life is like for millennials now but in the '90s. They dated shitty guys, had breakups, fell in love, and got hurt, but in the end they made it through and definitely made us laugh along the way. Anytime you need a being single pick me up, watch an episode or two.

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