Every Staple Your Wardrobe Needs Before You Turn 30

Every Staple Your Wardrobe Needs Before You Turn 30
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From your kinky boots to your studded stilettos, we all have the trendy fads in our closets. At some point we need to go back to the basics and create a capsule wardrobe with some staples and basics that are essential to have. So ladies before you turn 30 make sure you hop on these key pieces! And if they're already in your closet you are one step ahead of the curve.

1. White Blazer

Every woman has a few blazers around for professional wear, but how many are white? A statement piece like this can transform any outfit into a chic office outfit!

$60 - Macys

2. Sweater Dress

Every woman, no matter her size, can find a figure flattering sweater dress. They come in all cuts and fits so you  can find one that's right for you!

$51 - Express

3. Red Pants

Red Pants

Whether they are fitted or gaucho style you need a pair of red pants in your life! These babies are bright and bold and will give you the perfect amount of pizazz that you need.

$35 - New York & Company

4. The Ultimate Jeans

The Ultimate Jeans

Jeans that slim your figure, accentuate your curves, and lift your butt are hard to find. These jeans guarantee nothing less though!

$25 - Venus

5. Black Bodyshuit

A basic black shirt is something every woman needs and a bodysuit makes it better – smooth lines under pants and it'll stay tucked in perfectly skirts!

$40 - Nordstrom

6. Mid Length Skirt

Mid Length Skirt

Short skirts are great for the club and long skirts for the summer BBQs, but by the time you're 30 you need a mid length skirt in that closet. They can be worn any way you could imagine – with boots, tights, heels – take your pick!

$33 - New York & Company

7. Sweater

Cozy sweaters are so underrated! They can make a casual outfit with leggings, boots, and a statement necklace or you can wear them with pants for a formal look. All women need a soft sweater in their closet.

$60 - Loft

8. Open Front Cardigan

A handy cardigan is necessary in every wardrobe! If you don't have one already, get on this now. Cardigans complete outfits without adding too much bulk from layering. 

$25 - Target

9. Nude Pumps

Nude Pumps

A staple in every stylin' lady's closet is the nude pump. It can be worn with literally anything, jeans, dresses you name it!

$60 - DSW

10. LBD

The infamous little black dress had to make it onto this list, too. This classic staple is a necessity for every classy lady's closet that can be worn for a night out or when you meet your boyfriend's parents for the first time. Either way it'll do its due diligence .

$70 - Banana Republic

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