The 8 Makeup Trends That Will Own 2017

The 8 Makeup Trends That Will Own 2017

Every year we see trends that take over, and it seems as though the past few years they've stayed the same. From matte liquid lipsticks to eyebrow on fleek, we've have so many trends about taking our beauty regime just a little bit further. It seems as though 2017 is the year of bringing old styles back and making things a little simpler for ourselves. Just see for yourself!

1. Simple Red Lips

With the past few years of dramatic eyes and dramatic lips 2017 will be taming things down completely with red lips. The barely there makeup look and bold lip is one trend we are already seeing especially with models like Gigi Hadid.

2. Glitter Lips

Lip art has become so popular over the past year on Instagram and we're seeing the result everywhere. Glitter is making a comeback for lips and just about everything else!

3. Lip Gloss

The matte lip is over. Well not really, but it won't be all the hype anymore. Lip gloss is back and here to stay!

4. Blush All Over

Blush isn't just for cheeks as shown by the Kenzo show in 2016. The look passed through to celebs like Kristen Stewart and when it's done with a color that compliments your skin color, totally rocks!

5. Colorful Liner

Black isn't gone but color is back in! 2017 will be the year that we remember to bring a little fun back into our lives and it starts by using a bright eyeliner.

6. Cut Crease

Blending is SO done. Cut crease eyeshadow trends are here to stay – 2017 is all about sharp lines and edgy styles!

7. Colorful Hair

Say bye-bye balayage and to traditional colors. The latest trend to last through 2017 is colorful hair from shades of blue to all colors of the rainbow.

8. The No Makeup Makeup Look

The past few years we have been packing our faces on from primer and foundation to contouring and HD powder. It's about time we give our face a break from caking the layers on and chill with a barely there makeup look or actually go all natural for once. 

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