This Is Why An Alpha Female Is The Best Girlfriend Ever

This Is Why An Alpha Female Is The Best Girlfriend Ever
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Women who have their shit together can seem intimidating a lot of the time, but little do men realize that alpha females are the best baes to have. Isn't it better to be wanted than needed — knowing that the woman you're with chooses to be with you and isn't dependent on you? Alphas are at the top of their games and together you can be an ultimate power couple. 

1. She's Independent

Women who are fiercely independent can take care of themselves. They won't nag at their men to change the light bulb or pick up the dry cleaning. They'll be able to take care of business so when they're with you, you can focus on your relationship.

2. She's Real

Isn't a woman who is authentic, honest, and doesn't like drama a woman to be coveted? She's not going to lie to you to keep your feelings safe and expects the same.

3. She'll Make You Better

An alpha woman will make you better because she will make you want to be the best version of yourself. If she takes care of herself she'll expect you to be able to do the same. You'll always step up your game with her.

4. She's Likes To Be On Top

We mean this both figuratively and literally. Alpha women are assertive so no matter what field they're in, they're bound to fight to get to the top. You'll have a successful partner who strives to always be the best she can be. Also, sex with an alpha will keep you on your toes. She knows what she wants in the bedroom and will make sure both of your toes curl.

5. She Doesn't Need You

Alpha women don't depend on anyone for their happiness — they create it for themselves. So if they're with you, it's because they want you to be a part of their happiness. Revel in the fact that she chose you, it means she sees you as a teammate.

6. She Gets Shit Done

She's not going to ask you to do all the little things that she can do herself around the house. Alpha women take care of business themselves. Just note that if she asks you to do something and you don't, she won't remind you; she'll end up doing it and if you don't pick up the slack you won't be with an Alpha anymore.

7. She Has Her Girls (And Wants You To Have Friends, Too)

Alpha women don't want you to keep them company all day long. She knows you don't love shopping and would rather spend time with her friends when she's trying clothes on. So, she expects you to have your own friends. Go out for a boys' night, she won't nag you — she'll be more than happy to Netflix and chill alone for a night.

8. She Works Hard

She's a boss and will always do her best. At work there's no obstacle she cannot overcome and she'll go into a relationship with the same mindset. Alpha women know relationships are about compatibility and hard work, so learn to give her what she needs and take what she gives.

9. She's On Top Of Her Game

Because alpha women like to be the best versions of themselves, they have a level of high maintenance, but not to a degree that you'll have to worry about. She'll work out, eat well, and dress to the nines because she wants to look and feel her best. But don't worry, she's chill enough to know when to throw her hair in a bun.

10. She's Loyal

Alpha woman are loyal to a fault and once you have their trust, they will protect you and fight for you. But if you lose their trust, good luck getting it back. She won't let you make a fool out of her twice.

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