Is Custom Foundation The Future Of Beauty?

Is Custom Foundation The Future Of Beauty?

When it comes to foundation, you've probably tried it all. Trying out various shades of foundation, having the makeup artist at the counter mix shades for you, or even investing in custom drops to really fix the shade of your foundation. Then, one miraculous day, Sephora came out with the Skin IQ test and everyone thought and everyone thought their troubles would be solved for good. But they weren't. Those shades still don't completely match your skin tone since they are premixed. Now, thanks to Lancôme, you'll never have that problem again.

For every woman who needs a foundation with a cool or warm undertone that can't be found in their specific shade, your problems have been solved. Lancôme counters in Nordstrom locations across the country are revealing their new custom made foundation. They test your skin and input the information for your skin tone, undertone, and skin texture to create the perfect foundation. Within minutes a machine at the counter puts in the specific amounts of dye for your shade and mixes up a bottle of foundation for you!

The foundation is guaranteed to be a match since they test it on you after it is made. If it doesn't match they'll adjust until it does! If you want to find a Nordstrom location near you that has a Lancôme counter that creates the magnificently perfect foundation, click here! Schedule an appointment and you'll be on your way to more perfected and even looking skin when you do your makeup. The cost of the session and the foundation is around $80 for a .7oz bottle, but after trying it once and seeing how flawlessly this foundation blends with your skin, you'll never look back! It may be a bit on the pricier side but at least you won't have to worry about purchasing multiple bottles to mix together.

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