What's With The Face Shaving Hype

What's With The Face Shaving Hype
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Lately we have been hearing a lot about the latest fad: shaving your face. While some women may not be comfortable shaving their faces, over the past few years men and women have swapped a lot of techniques that have bettered the others' beauty regimes. So back to shaving, should you try it? There are pros and cons to shaving your face and proper techniques to follow, so make sure you take these into consideration if you decide to shave your face. We'll lay it all out for you here.

Face shaving for men has been around forever and we've seen their hair growth afterwards. It is usually thick stubble that resembles the worst of our leg hairs after shaving, but don't worry shaving your face isn't like that! Women shaving their face actually came around from a facial technique called Dermaplaning, which is the technique of shaving skin in a way where peach fuzz and dead skin are both removed. In the video, the esthetician is using a scalpel rather than a razor to shave the face. 

Many of us have unwanted facial hair, whether it's in the form of peach fuzz or thick, dark hairs. While some women choose to wax their face or thread to remove the hair, some women can't handle the pain or their skin can't, so face shaving is a viable option. There are women who have chosen to use traditional razors, such as the ones men use on their face, to shave but women have more sensitive facial skin than men and this can be a little bit rough. Others have recommended using an eyebrow trimmer or a straight blade razor. 

Huda Kattan is a makeup artist, turned beauty vlogger, and released a video about how to properly shave your face. She adapted the technique with a straight blade razor and dry shaved. The benefit of shaving your face according to her and all sources isn't just to remove hair, it also exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin, and therefore allows a smoother application of makeup!

Want to join the hype and shave your face? If so, try these razors!

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