Leslie Jones Scores An Invite To Rio By Crazy Live Tweeting Her Olympic Excitement!

Leslie Jones Rio Olympic Invitation

When social media has an impact on your career for the better it is impressive. Kids, teens, and adults around the world have become famous for their savvy on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. When "Internet Celebrity" became a thing, you best believe that Hollywood Celebs took to social media to make sure the status quo remained in their favor. And guess what? Leslie Jones of Ghostbusters just ensured that 2016 Rio Olympics would not be mentioned again without her name. 

Leslie Jones has taken to Twitter to discuss the recent Olympic games and has done a great job so far! She has shown support for athletes not just in the USA but around the world, encouraging athleticism and sportsmanship. Jones has done so well in fact that NBC the official host of the Olympics noticed. They were impressed enough to invite her to join them in Rio and become a part of the team!

Initially Jones thought the the offer wasn't real but when she realized that it was her excitement couldn't be contained, and obviously she accepted! Her Twitter has grown and celebrities, athletes, and viewers alike have been following along, thanking her for posting updates on the games.

Now she's on her way to Rio to finish out the 2016 Olympic games and show her support in person as well as on Twitter. This has been a great feat for Jones on Twitter, where she just earlier in the summer was receiving a lot of criticism. Leslie Jones was the star of the Ghostbusters (2016) remake with an all female cast which received a great deal of sexist criticism and Jones had to deal with sexist and racist hate. She tried to dismantle the hate on Twitter but it was just to strong with an overflow of insults and negative comments flooding in. 

Jones may have resigned from Twitter after some truly terrible hate, but those users were blocked and she made one hell of a comeback. Leslie Jones here's to you showing the world at the 2016 Rio Olympics what a woman of color can do simply with the power of her phone and social media. We're excited to see what she comes up with in Rio!

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