You Stick That Egg Where? Yoni Eggs Are For Your Vag!

You Stick That Egg Where? Yoni Eggs Are For Your Vag!
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Yoni say what?! Yes, something that many women do is put eggs in their vaginas. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for "vagina" or "womb" and these eggs have become the latest trend to help not only the muscles in the vagina, but provide a healing for the body's energy. Think of kegel exercises but on a spiritual level. Yoni eggs work on the vaginal tissues and nerves to the point where they increase nerve sensitivity and tightening of the vaginal opening. So you can pretty much expect better, longer, and more intense orgasms! The best part about that though is that they're not just clitoral orgasms - you'll be having so many vaginal orgasms you won't know what to do with yourself! Take Regina Hall's word for it since she went on Conan sporting a Yoni Egg!

So how exactly do you use these little eggs? Experts say that you need to be comfortable with the stone you choose, so before you begin to use it get to know it. There are a variety of stones to choose from for your Yoni Egg and each represents something different. There's rose quartz, which is the love stone and provides a calming effect. The jade stone is a healing stone so women who have had babies, are going through menopause, or need help with their reproductive health should try it. The obsidian stone is meant for women who are more spiritual and want the Yoni Egg to help with their root chakras. While there are more Yoni Eggs, these crystals are the most common you will see (at least for beginners). Then there's choosing a size! There are multiple sizes but just like any kegel instrument you use, choose a size you are comfortable with.

While in the video Hall discuses washing the stone in hot water, leaving it in the sun, and keeping the Yoni Egg Inside during sex those are NOT recommended by experts. While some Yoni Eggs don't have an attached string, many do since women aren't always comfortable with the exercises enough to expel the egg out of the vagina without help. Washing the egg in boiling hot water can damage the string so just keep it on the cooler side when cleaning the egg. Leaving the Yoni egg in the sun can also cause the stone to absorb too much heat and create minor cracks making it porous and unsanitary. And just like you wouldn't keep a tampon in during sex, take the Yoni Egg out - it can do damage. Choosing the stone, size, and whether it has a string or not is all up to your vaginal needs!


If you're interested in trying out a Yoni Egg for yourself, you totally can and should! Check out where you can find a variety of eggs for your needs starting at $39.99.

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